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Container Sales & Repair

CCSC can perform all types of inspections, maintenance and repairs on containers including reefers. The specially trained technicians can ensure that containers are inspected and provided with CSC plates and stickers. We also have containers for sale with attractive rates! 


Project & Exeptional Handling

Out of gauge, overweight & overheight cargo, coils, sheetpiles, bars and beams, flatracks, fitting of flexitanks, open top loadings and discharge handlings with options for lashing and securing. We also offer VGM weighing incl. certified weighing ticket and gas measurements.

Container Depot

Located with direct access to 4500m2 covered storage for all your storage needs which are insensitive for weather conditions. We even have our own tugmaster to pick up and deliver your containers to the nearby shortsea, rail and barge terminals!  

Steel /Aluminium /Alloys

Due to our in-depth industry knowledge and experience in handling and storage of steel, aluminium and other kinds of alloys makes us an expert and the best partner for all your enquiries regarding the handling of these products.